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People always think that the successful came from different planet. Is it true? I too wonder sometimes and wish I came from that planet of intelligence, Success and powerful Skills But really are the successful come from different planet? We know the answer but just we are not ready to accept it. Once you braceContinue reading “Difference”

Second step

Taking the first step is tough but what is even tough is keep taking next steps. There is always a devil which wants you to stop and take rest after the each step. It keep saying. “You worked so hard, let’s take a break.” It looks like it was not a bad thing and weContinue reading “Second step”

First Step

Depression, it is something everyone faces in their life. Also one of the best thing human identified. As even before people aware of depression, many people suffered through depression but like now they don’t have a seperate word for it. Me too suffering from depression for almost 3 years. I have insecurities, doubts and manyContinue reading “First Step”

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